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I help artists find their inner voice, tell their stories & live authentically through

intuitive experimentation & mindful making with mixed media textiles.




Vogue Knitting Live Poster April - Regis

Vogue Knitting Live: 

Workshop: FUNtastic Blanket Finishing -- Intuitive Techniques for Professional Finishing

Lecture: Designer's Journey behind Exploring, Experimenting and Designing a Culturally Narrative Knit Project


IGNITE! 7 Day FREE Creative Challenge #1 : ROSES

July 19 - 25th, 2021

First 6 Days: Self Paced Instruction

7th Day: Zoom Grad Show & Tell

A soulfully freeing creative adventure!

This course is specially formulated for KNITTERS who crave a way to express themselves authentically as a multi-disciplinary MAKER!

In this 7-day challenge, by using roses as our theme, I will share my personal techniques on how I rely on my INTUITION to infuse CRAFT into my knitted works to end up with something out-of-the-ordinary, unexpected & deeply expressive!


You will learn:

1. How I tap into my intuition and how you can too!

2. How I record and preserve my creative experiments. (You'll receive a complimentary copy of my Knitter's Lab Book pages so you can start your own lab book!)

3. How to dye yarn at home to make your custom roses.

4. How to create 'organically grown' roses with free-style shapes and bring them to life with surface embroidery.

5. How to make ruffled roses to add 3-D elements to your knits. a BONUS, you will receive a few extra goodies upon graduation!

Savour mixed media experimentation; mindful making & spurring your imagination!

Ignite your Creative Soul! Sign up for FREE!

WARNING: Techniques learnt in this workshop series can be very addictive! ;)



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Workshop: FUNtastic Blanket Finishing -- Intuitive Techniques for Professional Finishing

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