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SHEmail : ONE Set of 12 Magic Fold Self Mailers

SHEmail : ONE Set of 12 Magic Fold Self Mailers




ONE SET (if looking to buy more, please click on the product icon that has the quantity you would like to take advantage of the LAUNCH DISCOUNT PRICING!)


This option is for ONE set of SHEmail kits.

Regular Price: $36.00 CDN

MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL: 10% off: $32.40 CDN (Savings of $3.60!)

Limited Time: valid only until May 13th, 2024




SHEmail is a delightfully clever combination of Aruna's collage series entitles, Portrait Diaries, historical letter folding & the joy of stationary with opportunities to conveniently prioritize peronal well being and nuture genuine friendships.


With a time committment of ONLY 15-20 minutes per month your can start your journey towards igniting transformation and stepping into your potential!


SHEmail is a convenient way to simultaneously centre yourself in peaceful silence, to connect with another woman and to take care of yourself.


The designated area is just the right size to write a short but meaningful note to another woman--whether it's a simple hello, a heartfelt gesture of support or even extending an olive branch apology, these small acts of connection hold immense power!



Use 1 self mailer/month as part of your holisitc wellness routine.

(There are 12 in your kit!)



Simply fold your completed letter on the printed dashed lines to magically create your self mailer envelpe. 

Start with the the left and right sides; fold up the bottom and then fold the top down to create your flap. TA DA!


Seal your envelope with one of the beautiful enclosed butterfly return address labels.

Add a stamp.

Mail it off.



prepare for a journey of mutual transformation to unfold!



  • 1 year's worth of Self-Care: 12 thoughtfully curated self mailers. One of each month of the year (2x6 double sided designs on lovely 70lb matte paper)
  • A selection of quotes centred around the strength and sacredness of women. Specifically chosen from the Bahá’í Faith for their universal appeal, these inspirational quotes are sure to fill the spirit of your chosen recipient with radiance and wisdom of the Divine!
  • 12 beautiful butterfly return address labels (a symbol of growth, promise and transformation!)
  • 1 handmade embossed medallion which you can reuse as a seal on one special letter or kept as a keepsake. The 9-pointed star is a symbol associated with spirituality, unity, and perfection.


***Each kit is carefully and lovingly hand assembled and adorned with a variety of colourd packaging and ribbons. No two are alike!


Start your journey towards reDISCOVERING your authentic self, living life with PASSION & PURPOSE and... INSPIRING another woman to do the same!

Together we rise.

    C$36.00 Regular Price
    C$32.40Sale Price
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