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Hi. My name is Aruna.

I am a Humanitarian Collage Artist

living in Vancouver, Canada.

I am so happy you are here. 

Two years ago, I turned 50. 

I suddenly felt empty, lost and with no direction.

I could hardly recognize myself.

I turned to art


I observed nature.

I found myself melding






found objects.

My 'stitch collages' opened a doorway allowing me to

peel back deeply entrenched layers & reveal latent narratives.

Simultaneously, I also started to intuitively incorporate 

small, gentle but powerful self care rituals


rooting my recovery to synchronize with

Mother Nature's natural rhythms and wisdom.

These techniques were revealed to me while I journaled, while I prayed, while I meditated.

By combining my

art practise

spiritual upliftment

and these

specific self care rituals,

I was astounded to witness how constricting mindsets that were inhibiting my growth

were starting to evaporate. 

A personal transformation started to take root within myself.

Today, I am a vibrant, new version of myself,

with all the parts I liked before but

with new wings for the parts I never thought I could be!

Today, I cannot wait to start each day living my life

vibrantly & authentically with passion & purpose.

Creative Self Care helped me re-DISCOVER myself.

Creative Self Care helped me re-ALIGN myself.

Creative Self Care helped me re-SPARKLERIZE.


Now I live a magically FULLFILLING life.

I decided from that moment to commit my life to using my art work

to help other women undergo their own metamorphosis

using the

Moon Bloom Flourish Framework

which I had to discover on my own.

I call the tools and prompts I create that fit into the Flourish Framework


because I take out the guess work.

I create the tools, recommend how often to practise them and even tell you how long each exercise should take.

I am a busy mother, entrepreneur, artist & board activist.

I do not have a lot of time.

The tools I created had to fit into my busy schedule...and they they can for you too.


Transformation is hard work, so my aim is to help other women incorporate the same techniques I used on myself to transform from

gloom to BLOOM.


I am excited for you to





while having fun!

My first Creative Self Care 'Prescription' kit, SHEmail, is available now!

Check it out and start your journey towards

stepping into your potential!

Together hART to hART,


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