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My signature Moon Bloom Flourish Framework(TM) is a simple but powerful portal

into rediscovering your inner sacred magic. 

It gives you a whole NEW way of looking at your being and

how you approach your life every day, your every season, your every year.

Through an easy to follow format, you will learn how to

create harmony, live a fulfilled life and achieve wellness as a creative being

by caring for, what I call, your 8 Sacred Soul Centres .

By recognizing that we as individuals are connected to and actually live inside larger systems, we can learn to harmonize this sacred bond instead of fighting it -- the mindset of modern day 'norms'. The MBFF framework honours our sacredness by harmonizing our lives with our natural individual rhythms but with that of Mother Nature & the Universe/Cosmos.

You don't need to sign up or buy this framework.

I provide it here for FREE as my way of helping other busy women who are in their core spiritual and creative beings trying to achieve wellness in this Earthly world.

Because one size does not fit all, 

I have specifically offered a menu of spiritually creative practise options (I like to call them CREATIVE SELF-CARE PRESCRIPTIONS!) you can choose from under each C.

Choose what works for you!

vintage MBFF pink bkgrnd.jpg

As a spiritually creative woman, we have 7 innate Sacred Soul Centres that need tending to.

Most can be 'refilled' monthly.

Some (such as Centering) are ideally performed daily.

Some take as little as 5 minutes to  re-fill. Some take hours, days or even months.

The goal is progress -- not panic and certainly not perfection.

Spiritual creativity is a lifestyle, a proclamation, a pilgrimage, a journey.

With each passing season, we must recognize that it is imperative we adjust our expectations of ourselves and our activities accordingly. Mother Nature is our perfect exemplar, patiently showing us year after year when we should shed, when we should savour stillness and dream, when we should plant new seeds/dreams and when we should reap the rewards of a year of self care and shine.


I have made a mini outline of each of the 7 Sacred Soul C's with ideas within each to spark your imagination. We are not all the same. Choose what works for you.


In time, as we start to incorporate these 7'C into our lives, a magically wonderful thing starts to happen. We slowly start to notice that we are happier. We notice we are stronger. We notice a harmonious rhythm to our lives...WE HAVE TAPPED INTO OUR INNER SACRED MAGIC and we find ourselves holding our heads proudly as gentle souls living in this world -- no longer feeling the need to conform -- but to inspire.


This realization is the birth of the 8th Sacred Soul C -- our entire lives have become a CEREMONY. 


Read below for ideas on how to fill each of you Sacred Soul C's and start to reclaim your life today! 

**New exercises, courses and resources will be added to the framework. So keep checking back for new ideas to help you fill your Sacred Soul Centres.

h centre label.jpg

1. Centre

If possible, spend a few moments every day to centre yourself.  It does not have to be lengthy. It can be done at a time that works best for you and your schedule.  Morning, afternoon or evening.  This alignment acknowledges your spiritual and gentle spirit and lets you walk and face the rest of the day in your own shoes. You would be surprised at how you face the inevitable hustle and bustle with these new glasses.


  • Morning Candle Lighting Ritual

  • Morning Affirmations

  • Prayer

  • Meditation

  • Journalling

  • Daily Walk

  • Artist's Prayer (coming soon!)

2. Create

As creative souls, creativity breathes life into us.

The creative act is a mode of survival.

Creating things is how we process our life, our feelings, our thoughts and the inevitable ups and downs of our lives.

It is our journey's safety net.

Each month, spend time creating.

It does not matter what it is or what it looks like in the end.  Our life journey is always evolving and so too must we trust the process of what the simple act of creating does inside of us.


  • knit, sew, draw, doodle, paint, write, do pottery, garden...whatever excites you

  • Affirmation Blanket (coming soon)

  • Sacred Affirmation Heart (coming soon)

h create label (1).jpg
h connect label.jpg

3. Connect

As women, connection to others is so crucial.

Whether in person, via phone or virtually, connecting to other women helps reinforce that we ,and they, are not alone. 


4. Celebrate

Celebration is an act of confirmation of life.

It marks our deliberate and purposeful gratefulness that we live, breathe and love. Celebrate.


  • personal accomplishments no matter how little (little wins lead to big wins!)

  • your birthday and your closest girlfriend's

  • anniversaries

h celebrate label.jpg
h cogniton label.jpg

5. Cognition

Ignite and expand your brain.

Try to learn something new every month.


  • take an in-person course on something you have always wanted to learn about but just never did! Now is the time!

  • take an on-line course

  • read a book on a topic you are curious about

  • attend free workshops at your local library

  • register for a travel tour

6. Coddle

Remember, being gentle with ourselves, makes us stronger. There will be times when we are in need of a little extra TLC. Because our spirits are fuelled by harmony, gentleness towards ourselves will give us the fuel to sort through feelings and push through to the other side.


  • Listening to your body — complete pause day, go back to bed, reading day

  • Sleep in 

  • Wrap yourself with a comforting blanket

  • ‘My Happy Place’ : look at your 'Personal Pick Me Up' spaces throughout your home. (article coming soon!)

h coddle label.jpg
h contribution label.jpg

7. Contribution

Giving to others ironically gives back to us.

Life is circular and giving keeps the cycle of life and our spiritual connection to others perpetual.

It doesn't have to be grand every time or at all for that matter.

Don't overthink it.

Simple gestures, many times, have deeper impacts than you may see on the surface.


  • volunteer for a cause you believe in

  • tutor a student

  • help a neighbour

  • donate

  • Share your knowledge/skills with others

  • Give support to a friend who is finding her way

watercolour pink background_edited.jpg
h ceremony no bkgrd label_edited.png

With your 7 Sacred Soul C's tended to and in harmony with the seasons, your every action is now a ceremony honouring your sacredness and worthiness within the Creator's creation = SELF ACCEPTANCE & SELF LOVE. 

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